Each dinner table deserves its own wine.

From retail to restaurants, what we can do for you

Selling wine
in Montecarlo

Promoting small wineries that value their terroir is our top priority.

At our headquarters in Montecarlo, you can buy our Casata Davini labels, as well as a selection of Tuscan and Italian wines.

Not only single bottles, but also special baskets with our red, white and sparkling wines for any special occasion or event.


Sales and

We have an established sales network and a small distribution dedicated to restaurants, bars and wine bars. In addition to our Casata Davini labels, we also offer carefully selected wines both from local wineries and other Italian areas with strong wine tradition.

Several categories, each with plenty of products, including top of the range wines at competitive prices – good value for many.

Bottiglia personalizzata

White Label

If you are a restaurateur, you can also choose our White Label service, which allows you to create your own label with our products.

We have several white, red and sparkling wines that are ideal as house wines. All you have to do is tell us about your idea or concept; we will take care of the rest, from graphic designing to printing.


Our red and white wines are available both in bottles and in practical bag-in-box solutions, with vacuum carton and tap.

5, 10, or 20-liter formats, depending on your needs.

No glass, capsules or stoppers! Aside from considerable savings and reduction of waste, the vacuum allows to maintain the characteristics of the wine for much longer.